Financial Planning Services

“More people should learn to tell their dollars where to go
instead of asking them where they went.”
—Roger Bacon

The Harshman Wealth Management Process

At Harshman Wealth Management, LLC; the wealth management process takes a holistic approach that encompasses all areas of your financial situation: asset management, cash flow analysis, goal setting, retirement income planning, insurance strategies, as well as tax and estate planning.

When “wealth management” emerged in the mid-1990s, it was about using an integrated approach that encompassed all of the client’s resources. We carry on this philosophy when it comes to managing your wealth.

The Harshman Process is not based on pure asset gathering, nor does it pertain to only the ‘super wealthy.’ Our process focuses on all the areas of wealth management to develop a course of action that will help you achieve your personal financial goals. We do this in a series of meetings to create a financial plan for your unique situation.

Relationship Building and Goal Setting

The most crucial step to our process is making sure that we are a compatible team. During the first few meetings we will get to know each other and define the scope of the relationship. Next, we will begin to establish goals and place numbers and time lines to your objectives. This process allows us to understand what your priorities are and what is truly important to you.

To download our Preliminary Planning Profile, visit our Client Center.

Portfolio Optimization/Analysis

The portfolio optimization process involves looking at your existing assets, determining your expected return and examining possible constraints on your portfolio. This analysis allows us to determine and understand your current financial position so we can help you reach your future goals.

We will review your current budget and net worth, identifying strengths to reinforce and weaknesses to correct. During this process we will analyze your current asset allocation and determine your risk tolerance and where you might be within the cycle of life.

Investment Planning

At this point in the planning process, we will complete the work we began in Portfolio Analysis. We will have acquired a detailed understanding of your current financial position, explored your future goals and determined what you need to do to reach your goal of financial independence.

Now it is time to map out the optimum allocation of your investment assets to achieve these goals. We will provide specific recommendations to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. A fundamental principal of our asset management is to always be cost effective and tax conscious.

Retirement Income Planning

Retirement is a major goal for most of our clients and the main focus of our relationship. We believe in the idea of financial independence rather than retirement. Although retirement is individualistic, we all must plan through the phases of accumulation, consolidation and eventually distribution.

This process allows us to explore your unique vision of retirement and puts numbers and a time line to your dreams. This is where we will project your post retirement cash flow to determine if your goals are realistic and what changes need to be implemented today in order to meet your plan for the future.

Insurance Planning

Whether it’s for pure income replacement or technical estate planning techniques, our clients have worked hard to acquire their current asset base. The insurance planning phase of the process designs and implements a plan to protect and preserve what you have built.

Estate Planning

We are not attorneys and do not practice law, however, an integral part of any financial plan is reviewing your estate plan. We feel it is important to analyze your estate for liquidity and estate tax liability in the event of your death. We want to help you be sure your assets will be passed to your heirs and beneficiaries with as little cost and complexity as possible.

Business Planning

One of your most important assets is your ability to generate income. For many people, this means starting and running your own business. Our basic business planning is designed to analyze how your business affects your personal finances. We look at ways to increase your income while reducing your taxes through insightful, applicable business planning. We will help you maximize opportunities for retirement savings through the use of appropriate self-employed retirement plans.